Cottage Ruffled Swag Set

  • 8999

Cottage Ruffled Swag set is a beautiful elegant 8" single ruffled swag made out of 50%/50% Cotton Polyester blended material. Rod pocket is 3" wide and is available in several different lengths. Available in colors Natural or White.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Highly recommend dry clean, or tumble dry low heat with damp towel for removing dust and fluffing.


Please read our return policy on ruffled curtains at checkout.
Dry clean only OR tumble dry low heat with a damp towel for fluffing and removing dust
NO refunds on 300"Width-400"Width, Lengths longer than 84"L, or SPECIAL ORDERS.
Please allow appropriate timing up to 4 weeks to be made and shipped.
All items are USA made to order at our plant located in NC.

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